29 April 2016

Things I Love: Dogs in Cars

I haven't written much in awhile, but I was in traffic a few days ago and saw one of the great joys in life: a dog in a car. Dogs love riding in cars so much that I can't even envy them that level of ecstasy. It's contagious, and it always makes me smile just to witness that kind of exuberance. Take a look at this picture of my friend Stephanie's dog, Boomer:

©Stephanie Cumbea. Used with permission.
Is that not the very image of happiness? (Or coolness, really!) Like, I look at this and I just want to be in the seat next to this dog, trying to catch some secondhand excitement from the wind blowing in his face, myriad scents way beyond our primitive human noses to recognize getting his mind all a-tingle.

The best part may even be when the car has to come to a stop. Ever pay any attention to a dog in a stopped car? That dog is looking around with some hardcore swagger. "I'M RIDING IN A CAR, Y'ALL! Not every dog gets to ride in cars, but I do!" Then it makes eye contact with you and it's like, "I'm in the car club, too! You like riding in cars? I love it! I love riding in cars! We go so fast! I can't believe how fast we go! We're so cool to ride in cars and go so fast!"

©Stephanie Cumbea. Used with permission.
If I had a series of things I hate, cars would be the first thing I wrote about. I hate driving, I hate the hassle of maintenance, I hate the cost. I hate traffic. I hate parking. In fact, the only thing a car can do that interests me is turn into a robot and fight another robot. So, no, I'm not really in that club with you, dog. I'm not cool enough to be in your club. I'm just lucky enough to get to sometimes watch you bask in your own glory, and for the minutes or even seconds that that lasts, you make me vicariously happy.

Special thanks to Stephanie for the generous use of her photos.