13 March 2014

Wizard World Louisville

Wizard World is finally doing a show here in Louisville. And guess what? (Chicken butt.) I'm going to moderate a panel there! I've had the idea for awhile now, but hadn't pitched it to any other convention. This time, though, I went for it and lo and behold, they liked it!

"That's great, but what's the concept?"

It's pretty simple, actually. Knowing that comic book fans like debating things, and knowing that movies have been mining comics for the last decade or so with increasing success, I thought it would be fun to use Flickchart to generate a series of head-to-head matches of movies based on comics to debate. It should wind up being something of a kangaroo court, I guess. Here's the official blurb (which I wrote):
In this unique panel, we will pit your favorite comic-based movies against one another using randomly generated head-to-head matches from the website Flickchart. What do we really love in a comic-based movie? When has Hollywood surpassed our hopes? Are they good comic-book movies, or are they good movies? Audience vote will decide the winner of each match, from which a ranked list will be created. (ROOM 210)
"Uh, but what about your, y'know, unpredictable health?"

Good question, and one that's been on my mind since before I even thought about pitching this idea. What makes Wizard World Louisville the perfect show for me to do this is that some of my friends live really close to the convention center. I won't say how close, for various reasons, but let's just say that I have little concern about winding up trapped in a bathroom downtown. If it comes down to it, I can hole up at their place the whole day, dash over to the convention center, do the panel, and go back to their place until I'm well enough to go back home.

Mornings are my roughest time of day, and luckily for me, my panel wound up being scheduled near the end of the day, at 5:30. That will help. Plus, the panel is only 45 minutes. That will keep us from getting very far with the discussions, of course, and I'm hopeful that my guts will cooperate and I'll feel great that day, but if not, I'd rather only have to get through 45 minutes than an hour. (Fifteen otherwise short minutes pass very differently during a flare.) And post-convention traffic isn't a concern for me, either, since I'm not going to try to compete with everyone to clear out at the end of the day. I can lay low as long as I need to until I feel confident getting out of Dodge.

If the panel had been scheduled earlier in the day, my plan was just to spend the night with him the night before, thereby getting the drive from my home to that area out of the way when it would be easier for me. You just don't even know how important the proximity of his place to the convention center is to reassuring me that, one way or another, I'll be able to tough it out and do this.

"Well, sure, but what about your anxiety issues that have spiraled out of hand the last year or so?"

Knowing I have some place nearby to retreat to if I need it alleviates a lot of anxiety. The hustle and bustle of the convention itself is still a concern, though. Strangely, I've always felt comfortable speaking in public so I'm more likely to be overwhelmed just being there than I am in leading a panel discussion. Plus, I can take an anti-anxiety pill without having to worry about driving home after the panel.

"You can get me in, right?"

Pfft. I wish! I'm afraid I can't help with your admission. I can't even get you a discount. Hell, I'm only even able to attend at all because I'll be singing for my supper with this panel.

So, if you've ever wanted to see me speak in public, this is your big chance. Come on out! It should be fun. Plus, it'll be at the end of the day, so you can scope out the rest of the show without having to stop what you're doing to come to my panel. I was looking at the rest of the programming and several of the other panels sound interesting, too. As long as my health doesn't interfere, there's a real good chance you'll find me attending "Batman at 75" earlier that afternoon.

My panel, "Movie Match-Up", is scheduled for Saturday, 29 March at 5:30 in Room 210 at the Kentucky International Convention Center. Among the celebrity guests that will be on-hand is actor Matt Smith (of Doctor Who fame). He's speaking at 6:15, and even though he'll be in a different room, I'm forever going to claim that I "opened" for him. Plus, my panel is the last one scheduled for Room 210, so I'm also going to claim that I was the headliner for that room.

For ticketing and other information, visit Wizard World Louisville.