29 October 2013

Now with Even Less Wisdom!

Back in July, almost as soon as I returned from visiting my friend in Georgia, I ran into some maladies. The left side of my mouth was sore, for one thing. After one doctor outright told me that my problem was an unnamed infection, and not a dental matter, I discovered instead the problem was a combination of a wisdom tooth and the gum disease known as Gingivitis. Here's an X-ray that was taken in August:

You'll note that on my lower right, I'm missing a molar. That one was compromised by the wisdom tooth I had removed two years ago. That wisdom tooth on the bottom left, however, had to go. You can see some indications of bone loss already attributable to the combination of that and Gingivitis (which I'm certain I got because of all the times I mocked the commercials for dental products that referenced it). Last Wednesday, I finally had it extracted. Unlike the last one, this tooth was entirely beneath the gum line. That made for a pretty invasive procedure, as these things go. I took this selfie Thursday, about 24 hours after the extraction. You can see how asymmetrical my jawline was.
I look hungover, and I've got some kind of Tim Burton thing going on with my hair (I spent most of that first 24 hours in bed). Yes, I'm in my bathrobe there. My warm, soft bathrobe that I adore. If I ever go missing, be sure this is the photo they circulate. (And, yes, that's a door-sized Six Days, Seven Nights poster behind me.)

Yesterday, I was finally able to open my mouth enough to get more than soup broth into my system. You just don't even understand how much I love mashed potatoes. I made that remark to a few of my friends, and they each tried to suggest they loved mashed potatoes more than I do. I replied with the following photo evidence of just how long, and how enthusiastically, I have loved mashed potatoes and I'll let you decide whether you want to challenge my devotion to that food:

I'm still pretty sore, but it's a tolerable soreness. I have a pretty high threshold for pain in general, and I was fortunate that this tooth issue didn't involve any nerves. It's a far cry from the last one I had, where I felt okay the next day. Again, though, this was a more complicated extraction and I understand that.

The moral of the story, Dear Reader, is not to mock overly dramatic commercials that mention a health malady, and to never challenge my love for mashed potatoes.

Muffin was my primary caretaker through the last week. I can never predict which of the cats will be the one to watch after me when I'm recuperating from something. Every time I woke up, he was nearby. It really was a source of comfort for me.

Muffin being shy, but sweet.
My thanks to Dr. Anthony Clark and the staff at East Springs Dental. They're friendly and warm, and I heartily endorse their practice.