01 July 2013

The Louisville Palace presents The Alfred Hitchcock Series 2013

My most-viewed blog post of all time is last year's Louisville Palace summer movie schedule so I assume some of you will want to know what this year's lineup is. Since it's finally been announced, I can now report that for the third year since the Palace began their annual summer movie series in 2001, they've designated Alfred Hitchcock as their theme.

All shows play at 8:00 PM. $5.00 apiece or $42 for a season pass.

19 July Rebecca
20 July Shadow of a Doubt
27 July Rope
2 August Strangers on a Train
3 August Dial M for Murder
9 August Rear Window
10 August The Trouble with Harry
16 August To Catch a Thief
17 August The Man Who Knew Too Much
23 August Vertigo
24 August North by Northwest
30 August Psycho
31 August The Birds

To Catch a Thief played as part of the Cinemark Classic Series earlier this year on 23 January, and Iroquois Amphitheater screened Psycho 3 June.

North by Northwest played in last year's The Great Directors: Hollywood's Golden Age series. The Man Who Knew Too Much, Rope, Rear Window and Vertigo all played in 2011 as part of the Palace's James Stewart series. And, of course, 2010 was an all-Hitchcock year in which ten of this year's thirteen pictures played! If Facebook comments are any indication, there are more than a few of us who are disappointed that the Palace has gone back to the Hitchcock well yet again.

Still, I do love going to the Palace and $5.00 a pop ain't bad. Plus, it's nice to only be kinda sorta interested in any of the particular movies, meaning I can go to pretty much any of them without any sense of pressure that I have to see any specific one. I've gotten into James Stewart's films in the last few years, but slowly, so there are several of his in this lineup - repeats though they are - that appeal to me. We'll see.