02 March 2013

Things I Love: Cookie Monster

Like so many kids from the last few decades, I grew up with Sesame Street helping to introduce me to the alphabet, numbers and etiquette. In my later childhood I came to enjoy Fraggle Rock and The Muppet Babies, too. I love me some Muppets, but there's one Muppet who stands atop them all: Cookie Monster.

It cake made for me second birthday by me mommy!
I love everything about Cookie Monster. I love the actual look of the character, with that big round belly and long, thin neck and those mismatched eyeballs. I love the voice, first by Frank Oz then later by David Rudman. Cookie Monster sounds a bit like Grover, but not as wacky. No, Cookie Monster is more grounded than Grover. He's focused (on cookies, of course). I love that he has absolutely no self-consciousness about his obsession with cookies. Why should he? He's called "Cookie Monster"! He knows who he is and he's fine with that. I've long envied how comfortable he is with himself and if you're being entirely honest with yourself, so have you.

I don't ordinarily share a lot of video content on this blog, but Cookie Monster warrants it. Here are just some of the wonderful things he's done.

"C Is for Cookie"

Cookie Monster makes the case for why "C" is the best letter in the entire alphabet and it's a pretty compelling argument. Oh, sure, Ernie has the most famous Sesame Street song with "Rubber Ducky" and that's okay if you're into that kind of thing, but "C Is for Cookie" may just be the better song.

Cookie Monster and Count Cooperate

What happens when Count von Count and Cookie Monster encounter a plate of cookies? The Count must obey his OCD compulsion to count them; Cookie Monster has no choice but to eat them. It's the classic case of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object.

The Origin of "Om Nom Nom Nom"

Can you imagine LOLSpeak without "Om Nom Nom Nom"? Here, its originator explains it. Side note: I would re-enroll in college if it meant taking a class taught by Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster Answers Your Questions

In 2010, The Huffington Post recruited Cookie Monster to answer questions from fans. No, really.

Audition for Saturday Night Live

Fans flocked to the Internet to get Betty White to host an episode of Saturday Night Live, which prompted the greatest Muppet of them all to decide he wanted to do it, too. Here's his brilliant audition tape which, I might add, is better than most episodes of SNL from the last twenty years.

"Share It Maybe"

Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" was a pop music sensation last year, but it was really just the warm-up for this parody video starring Cookie Monster. This video justifies every single time you turned on the radio or walked into a store last year and you were instantly bombarded by Jepsen's inescapable single.

Cookie Monster Feels HAPPY and SAD

I leave you with this clip in which Cookie Monster grapples with some weighty existential issues about his emotions. Several of my friends have been going through a rough patch lately and I shared this clip on Facebook last week. Their feedback let me know it was the right thing to show them. It's brilliant.

Cookie Monster recently shared the following image on his Facebook page. If you've ever wondered what true serenity looks like, now you know.

My thanks once again to Nikol Hasler for inspiring the "Things I Love" series.