14 February 2013

Three Blogs You Should Read When You're Not Reading Mine

I've got a sidebar reading list of blogs I follow, but I've been meaning to do a little more to promote some of my favorite bloggers for quite a while and today seems as good a day as any to actually do it.

Nikol Hasler
I first encountered Nikol as writer/host of The Midwest Teen Sex Show podcast, which itself is well worth going back and watching. It's how a sex ed series produced by [adult swim] might have turned out. Anyway, her blog is like mine in that she's very candid about her personal experiences (including lots of dating problems, as well as weightier subjects like her rough youth and teen years and a recent bout with cancer), but her blog is unlike mine in that she's very funny. Recently, she's been running a series with the self-explanatory title, Things I Love. My favorite entry so far is "Part 6: Hamburgers".

The Audient
This is a movie-centric blog run by a pal of mine. You won't find professional reviews here, despite the fact he's a professional movie critic. Rather, in this blog he discusses his personal viewing experiences and observations as though making conversation. A recent post that I particularly enjoyed was "Double feature candidates aplenty", in which he discusses the process of picking out two movies to watch back-to-back with his wife using a projector set up in their garage. It's both specific and personal to him, which gives context and humanizes the post, but also general and invites discussion about the overall topic of pairing movies.

Unpublished For a Reason
This one is the personal blog of another pal of mine who also has a movie-centric blog. She's an introvert, a Christian, a lover of musicals and all things theater and she's fought depression. Those links in the last sentence will each take you to a recent post of her related to that theme. I really admire the thoughtfulness and candor of her blog, especially her posts about Christianity. Not everyone is capable of the kind of introspection that she puts on display, and that's a very special quality. I usually find humor online but rarely do I literally laugh aloud at much of anything I read or see. She succeeded in a recent post in making my sides hurt, though, with "Movie Reviews by Jessie".