27 February 2013

Things I Love: Pens

As far back as I can remember, I have wielded a writing instrument of some kind. Long before I ever saw the inside of a classroom, I had been writing on paper. My name, names of other people, colors, animals, whatever. I can't recall the first time I was allowed to use a pen but even to this day I feel that pens are a tier above pencils. They're permanent, you know. You can't cover up an error made with a pen unless you use White Out - which is not only a cheat, but an obvious cheat that tells the whole world, "I screwed up but I was too lazy to rewrite everything to this point." You got to know what you're doin' if you're gonna put pen to paper.

My all-time favorite pens are the Pilot Precision V5 extra fine point pens. I used them exclusively in my bachelor studies at the University of Louisville, rotating through the four basic colors (black, blue, red, green). It made it easy for me to tell at a glance when thumbing through my notebooks which notes were from which day. Plus, it broke up the visual monotony of relying only on black and/or blue ink. I love the way those Pilot pens feel in my hand, and the way they glide across the paper. They feel light, but not fragile. I also get a little kick out of seeing the translucent windows that allow me to see the ink inside the pen.

I should also warn you here and now that I am a pen kleptomaniac. I'll steal pens from banks, waitresses, libraries, teachers, I don't even care. I paid for some of these pens. Some of them were promotional pens given by sales reps to my soon-to-be-ex-wife. A lot of them, I just outright absconded with after coming across them somewhere. I have no shame about this whatsoever.

I also have a habit of absentmindedly playing with pens. It looks like this:

I know, that's the coolest video on the entire Internet. No need to thank me. It's just one more thing I do for you, Dear Reader.

My thanks to Nikol Hasler for inspiring the "Things I Love" series.