23 February 2013

Things I Love: Church Marquees

A week ago, I encouraged you to read a few of my favorite blogs. One of the three I touted is the blog of Nikol Hasler, and I mentioned that she's been running a series lately of things she loves. I've enjoyed the upbeat, positive energy of those posts and it got me thinking I ought to add some of that upbeat, positive energy to my own blog. A couple days ago, I was driving down Highway 146 through Buckner and a church marquee caught my eye. I didn't take a picture, but it read:


It reminded me how much I've enjoyed reading church marquees over the years. I love a good pun, and church marquee writers have some of the best pun sensibility of anyone. I don't much care for the straightforward, sermon-y type marquees but the ones that show a sense of humor and whimsy almost always make me smile even if only inwardly. I think it's because I like to know that there are people of faith who have enough perspective that they can still find room for humor without fearing that it undermines or detracts from their piety. To be honest, I've never really given it much thought and I'm content to not analyze it further (to the shock of anyone who knows me at all, I'm sure). I just like seeing those corny phrases on church marquees. So keep writing them, church marquee writers. I love your work.