08 February 2012

NaNoWriMo VII: The 40K Club

Don't look now...but I'm finally in the 40K Club! I was supposed to be here by 24 November to finish on time. Still, here I am. I told myself before I began that I would continue to work on it until I completed it, whether that was by the end of NaNoWriMo or not. The end is now in sight! I finished writing tonight at 41,785 words. Just a few more nights like the last two and I can have the entire first draft completed by the weekend! It's strange to think I will actually soon have a complete first draft of a novel.

Incidentally, 41,785 words takes up 80 pages in Microsoft Word using the default margins and font settings. The completed draft should come in at just around 100 pages. I thought about this, vis a vis that song by The Beatles, "Paperback Writer." There's a line that says, "It's a thousand pages, give or take a few." Holy damn! I can't even fathom what it would be like to actually write a thousand pages on one story. It's just a line in a song for most people, but having done this now I can tell you that's crazy. A friend of mine checked the Interwebs and learned that 50,000 words roughly translates into 175 book pages. Pretty light reading, which suits the story I'm writing. Hell, I've been reading Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago and that comes in at 559 pages! A thousand pages? For a paperback? That guy doesn't need a publisher or even an editor. That guy needs a vacation and probably a therapist!

I have also recently joined Pinterest. I have no idea what use I will have for it going forward, but I have created a board of Things That Appear in My Novel. I think it's kind of an interesting way to perceive my fictitious tale because you can see for yourself the kinds of clothes that are worn and various things that are used. I've included a blurb with most items to associate them with a specific character, as a sort of tease. I haven't given any of the characters' names, though; just their first initials. If you want a bit of a preview of the novel, though, that's where you can get a glimpse of things to come. Once the draft is finished, I think I'm going to create a playlist on Spotify of the various songs that are referenced. Look for that sometime soon.

Speaking of music, here's my writin' music for the last ~10K words. All links include my Amazon Associates ID so I can get some change out of it if you buy via this page. Also, all items can be found in my Amazon A-Store (see the Go Shopping! tab at the top of the blog).

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