02 February 2012

NaNoWriMo VI: The 30K Club

I really have joined the 30K Club! I crossed that threshold just before the end of January and I meant to celebrate it here with a post but I was tired that night and then tonight I decided to just get back to writing. I only meant to knock out another 1000 words but I got carried away and hit nearly 2400, bringing my current word count to 32,430! I've advanced the narrative, escalated conflicts and (hopefully) created a very believable and accessible story in which most readers will recognize themselves and their friends. (I'm sure my friends will recognize themselves, since I have shamelessly plagiarized from their lives!)

In the last ~12000 words, I have introduced a few minor characters as well. I elected to create a gay couple as a nod to the LGBT community of which I am an outspoken defender. I decided they should be men because, and I'm trusting you to understand how I mean this, lesbians are often too "mainstream." That is to say, there's a certain segment of the public that will say, "Two chicks together is hot!" but disparage the rest of the GBT population. I didn't want to have that kind of reaction (though I'm certainly not above such shamelessness in another story). So I decided that I would write those characters as guys. If/when this thing ever gets published, I'm hopeful it will meet the approval of my LGBT readers.

Music that I've listened to while writing this portion of the novel:

26 January

  • Glory Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Music Composed and Conducted by James Horner
  • Set This Circus Down - Tim McGraw

28 January

30 January

31 January

2 February

I didn't really introduce any new products in this section, though I have picked out one that will appear very soon. Want a tease? Thought you might.

Glock 19. 9mm. Holds 15 rounds, plus one in the chamber. Not a stapler.