24 January 2012

NaNoWriMo V: The 20K Club

Okay, I'm a little behind schedule. I was supposed to be in the 20K club 12 November and instead I just cracked it late last night, 23 January. In truth, even accounting for resuming the writing in January I'm behind. I lost several consecutive days a couple weeks ago to being sick. I didn't write this past weekend, either. I'll need to become more disciplined if I'm to become a real writer. Still, I finally have passed the 20,000 word mark and that's cause for taking a moment to reflect.

This is, without a doubt, the most writing I have ever done for a single project--including anything for my collegiate studies. It's strange to me to think I am now 40% finished with the first draft. I don't want to reveal anything about the actual content so I can't really chronicle the progress too specifically, but I have finally introduced all the principals and have begun to have them all interact with one another. I have already had conflict and dipped into my personal recollections for a pair of anecdotes that have been somewhat fictionalized.

I wrote tonight about an incident from my youth that scarred me emotionally regarding girls and I have shared it in this blog before for those who are interested in reading my account of the actual incident. The fictionalized account is fairly close to what really took place, but tonight I married it with an entirely separate incident that took place elsewhere in my development. It was not about girls at all, but rather my studies of India, in which I was first introduced to the caste society system. I had only intended to include the rose incident, but as I wrote, a sort of catharsis took over and I was suddenly struck by the epiphany that I have lived these last twenty-two years believing I belonged to a caste inferior to any girl or woman who ever interested me. I nearly cried while writing this, and the only thing that stopped me was that I was already tapped out emotionally.

On a much less emotional note, I can share that I dressed one of my characters in what I feel is quite an evening dress, the ABS Asymmetrical Silk Gown sold by Saks Fifth Avenue ($510.00). Also, a pair of my characters begin drinking a bottle of Lapostolle Casa 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon ($18.29 list price; sold out on Wine.com). So if you want to begin connecting with my literary world through the one in which you live, those are two new products that have appeared.

Music has been key throughout these last 10,000 pages. I've name-dropped quite a lot, from Those Darlins to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Wildflower album. I've listened to quite a lot while writing, too, including:

19 January

20 January

23 January

  • Batman - Motion Picture Soundtrack - Prince

I know I've written to more albums than just these, but those are the only ones I seem to have tweeted. Go on and follow those links to buy 'em on Amazon. I get a kickback if you do. They're also available in my Amazon Store (just check out the Go Shopping! tab at the top of the page).

I can't really say that I'm cognizant of any real influence any of this music has had on any of what I have written, but I can say that I really enjoy each of these albums and had no problem typing away while they were playing. I can't always write to music; these were all enjoyable, without being intrusive.

Hopefully, I'll join the 30K club sooner than I managed to get here. I'm not yet halfway finished and I have already confronted some very personal life experiences of mine in the process of imbuing my characters and narrative with content. I have continued to enjoy writing and I think a lot of what has hit the page has been lighthearted and humorous, but I have to say I'm rather daunted by what looms ahead and how much of the heavy stuff I will need to confront in the course of this novel. I know where I'm headed, but I have been surprised so far by several segments that became rather demanding of me. I'll go where the writing takes me, but between you and me...I'm a little scared it's going to take me places I don't really want to go. The rose/caste connection was such a place tonight.