09 December 2011

Welcome to Therapy

My discharge papers included a date to meet with a therapist, but that part was printed in a confusing way so I missed that date entirely. Upon discovering my gaffe, I rescheduled for 1 December--my birthday, which seemed an appropriate day for my first-ever therapy session. However, you may recall, that was canceled and so it came to be that I finally met with my therapist this afternoon, 60 days after being discharged from Our Lady of Peace.

To begin with, I almost didn't even see her today on account of a $38.66 copay that had never been brought to my attention. At present, I have less than that to my name (though only for another few days). They agreed to defer the copay, though, and I was eventually brought in to meet my therapist.
Many thanks to Melissa Price @MarinaSirtisFan for providing this photo!
I had no idea what to expect, or even what to hope for (though finding Marina Sirtis in a lavender body suit would have been fine with me). Most of my hour was spent merely completing a new patient questionnaire. She asked if I preferred to be addressed as Travis. I briefly thought about requesting that she call me, "Mr. President," but I didn't have a sense of her humor so I let it pass. Some questions were dismissed with perfunctory "yes" or "no" answers, though some occasioned me to touch on some things. It was agreed that having Crohn's disease sucks, as much for the secondary--and tertiary--effects as for the disease itself. I liked the couch. Beyond that, it's hard to really have much to say about today's session.

My therapist suggested I write down my thoughts and experiences, but that seems rather redundant to me given the candid nature of this blog. There are, of course, some select topics that I refrain from exploring here but for the most part I think I've been quite open to date. That reminds me: If there's some topic you think I ought to explore, let me know! I may not address it in depth, or at all, but it's always nice to have prompts. Bloggin's hard, y'all.

That's pretty much it for my first therapy session write-up. I wish I had something more profound to offer those of you who are learning vicariously about depression management but I really don't. I'll continue ruminating, though, and I'll continue sharing my insights and experiences as I have them.