01 November 2011

Live in [Your Region]!

Craig Ferguson pre-records a lot of episodes of The Late Late Show, and it's become a running joke that he pretends that they're recorded on the day that they air.  Like most of the humor of the show, it stems from the fact that Ferguson himself can only partially be bothered to pretend to care.  Anyway, this isn't about the comedic genius that is Craig Ferguson; it's about this blog and NaNoWriMo occupying my time in November.

I intend to still poke my head in here and post "live" content as I take breaks from the novel, or as something strikes me that I have to purge in a blog post, but most of what you'll see this month has been pre-written content I've prepared ahead of time.  Most of it, you'll find, are reviews of Legends of the Dark Knight story arcs, chiefly because I've read a lot of them in the last week or so as comfort food.  You'll be able to spot the pre-written content because I've added a disclaimer at the end of those posts.

I'll still check for comments, of course, and I'll be happy to respond to them just as I always am so if you find something here that you want to praise or condemn, let me know.  I can tell you I have my first-ever therapy appointment scheduled for 15 November, so it's quite likely that will warrant a "new" blog post of its own.  Yes, it's directly related to my recent bout with depression for those of  you who have been keeping up with that ongoing sub-series.  I'm thinking about looking for a Joker costume on clearance after Halloween.  It's a shame I don't bear any resemblance to James Gandolfini (how often has that been said?).