26 October 2011

October, 2011 Errata

This blog has been dominated by comic books and depression for the last month, and it occurred to me that I haven't really touched on anything else so this is a sort of catch-all post of things that I ordinarily probably would have discussed.


One thing I have been reluctant to discuss with anyone about the severity of my depression is that in the last month, I heard voices.  Nothing actually speaking to me or anything like that; more like when someone else is in another room and you catch the sound of their voice for just a moment.  Well, I awoke nauseated today so I took a Promethazine and went back to bed.  Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard it again.

"Kirk to Enterprise!"

I heard it three times in a row, then not again.  I went into the storage area adjacent to the bedroom and lo and behold...my Captain Kirk toy from Burger King has been malfunctioning!  I haven't been hallucinating!  Woot!  After twenty years of loyalty, I can't believe Jim Kirk would betray me like this, but he did.  Oh, well.  At least now I can explain what was going on and I feel quite a lot better about myself now!

2011 World Series

I'm a National League guy, always have been.  But my contempt for the St. Louis Cardinals (specifically, Tony LaRussa, Chris Carpenter and Yadier Molina) has compelled me to root for the Texas Rangers, which places me in the unusual position of actively rooting for the same team as George W. Bush.  So be it.
What the hell were they talking about and
why does Dubya look like Nick Nolte?
If Twitter has been any indication, the world at large is fairly indifferent to this year's Series.  There have only been a few baseball-related trending topics throughout the Series; whomever performed "The Star Spangled Banner" has generally trended for about 20 minutes after the performance (longer for Demi Lovato).  Tim McCarver has trended a couple of times...because Twitter hates him.  They pounced on him calling "strike" a "five-letter word" and were still mocking him for that an entire day after the gaffe.

During Game Five, Rangers pitcher Derek Holland did an impression of Harry Caray that Twitter rightly pointed out was really an impression of Will Ferrell's impression of Harry Caray (though by virtue of not being Tim McCarver, Holland was a breath of fresh air during the broadcast regardless of the accuracy of his impression).  Otherwise, the only time I've seen the Series trend was earlier this afternoon, when "Game 6 of the World Series" trended...because it has been postponed due to the forecast.  Given how little interest Twitter has shown in the Series, I'm surprised it not taking place merited such a reaction.

As for the games themselves, I tip my cap to Albert Pujols for bashing three homeruns in Game Four and I suspect that now that Nolan Ryan must feel comfortable about his pitching staff, they'll make a concentrated effort to shore up their defense in the off-season and throughout spring training.

The McRib

It's back, y'all.