18 July 2011

Now with Less Wisdom!

After nearly an entire week of pain, I finally had two teeth removed this afternoon.  What happened was that my bottom right wisdom tooth (tooth #32 for those who care about such designations) had grown in at an almost 45-degree angle, into the tooth before it.  That tooth had, in consequence, experienced irrevocable damage.  Ergo, they both had to be removed.  Now, you're probably wondering how it is that I had such a situation develop without my having noticed before this stage.

As it turns out, a normal person would have noticed much sooner because a normal person would not have taken so much Prednisone as I have.  In addition to (kind of) controlling the inflammation in my terminal ileum, all that Prednisone reduced the inflammation in my mouth as well.  In short, I just wasn't feeling it.  This is just one more way that Crohn's disease has screwed me, really.  Let this be a warning to those of you who have taken a lot of anti-inflammatory medication: it may be masking other problems.

Kudos to Dr. Misty Griffin at Forest Springs Family Dental, though, for a relatively painless extraction.  I won't lie: it was uncomfortable a few times.  Hey, I'm no hero.  I can admit these things.  Even that discomfort, though, paled compared with the pain of the actual problem that put me in the chair.  Now I just wish I'd stop feeling so nauseated....