08 June 2011

The Presidents in Comic Books 2: Truman

The Presidents in Comic Books
Harry Truman
The second installment of this sub-series features the man famously implored to "Give 'em hell!"  Harry Truman succeeded Franklin Delano Roosevelt as President of the United States upon his predecessor's death in 1945.  Here's an overview of Truman's appearances in comics.  Note that he has continued to appear in comic books since his death, particularly in the pages of Captain America.  I have confined this list to issues published during his lifetime.

True Comics #44 (Summer 1945)

Real Facts Comics #4 (September 1946)

Superman #48 (September/October 1947) - featured in the lead story, "The Man Who Stole the Sun!"

The Story of Harry S. Truman (c. 1948) - can be read online from the Harry S. Truman Library & Museum

Captain Marvel Adventures #110 (July 1950)

Picture Progress #5 (January 1954)

Herbie #7 (February 1965)

Captain America #155 (November 1972) - Truman passed away 26 December 1972