08 May 2011

Free Comic Book Day 2011 - The Take

I was always wary of venturing near Louisville on FCBD because the first Saturday in May is also the Kentucky Derby. (I've hated for years that the industry chosethis day for their annual event!) Anyway, my wife and I took the chance two years ago, went early and had nary a problem getting in and out so I decided I'd keep going. Last year I felt like hell so we passed, but we did go this afternoon. The place was packed so tightly I couldn't even concentrate long enough to even explore any given section of the place.

Of the freebies, we snagged:

Green Lantern
The Tick
The Mis-Adventures of Adam West
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Civil War Adventure
The Amazing Spider-Man
Captain America/Thor
The Darkness II: Confession
Young Justice/Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Like I said, it was packed and I had a hard time trying to rummage through the back issues, but I did find several issues of Marvel's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine run from the late 90s at $0.95 apiece. I also picked up Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness #1 on a whim. It promises to be entertaining. I let my wife pick which cover we bought, and she opted for the Paul Renaud cover:

On our way back we stopped at Half Price Books. I had a bag full of paperbacks and such to trade in, and they had a 20% off comics sale going on to partake in FCBD (even though they don't carry new releases and aren't an official participant). They had two boxes of comics set aside where you could select one issue to have free. There was some guy hovering around them taking his time so I gave up on those. But I did find several things that interested me, including:

Batman 30th Anniversary Special
Batman #213

Batman and Supergirl

The Brave and the Bold #160
Batman and Lois Lane

The Brave and the Bold #179
Superman and Batgirl
DC Comics Presents #19
Superman vs. Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster - No, really!
Superman #344
My trade-in covered these so I was happy.  I checked eBay and discovered that Batman #216 was listing between $20-$45 (though few listings actually had any bids).  I picked up my copy for a tiny fraction of that, just $4.80 after the 20% discount.  Putting today in the "Win" column, even though I have been too miserable to attend our friends's Derby party.