09 May 2011

Free Comic Book Day 2011 - "Atomic Robo"

Atomic Robo/Foster Broussard/Moon Girl Free Comic Book Day 2011
Red 5 Comics
Paul Ens
Scott Chitwood

Atomic Robo
Brian Clevinger (words)
Scott Wegener (art)
Ronda Pattison (colors)
Jeff Powell (letters)

I've never read an Atomic Robo story before, so this was a true first exposure for me.  The premise is that Atomic Robo (a robotic scientist) is a judge at a science fair, where an anthropomorphic Dromaeosaurus armed with a pair of Uzis intends to abscond with a participant's project.  The action is fast paced, the humor is light and engaging and the art by Wegener and Pattison really pops and has a clean, inviting aesthetic.  I will definitely consider looking for more Atomic Robo comics in the future.

Foster Broussard
Trevor Pryce (creator)
David Ziebart (writer)
Dan Glasl (pencils)
Amber Gant (inks)
Adam Guzowski (colors)
Troy Peteri (letters)

This is a teaser for a new series that will launch this month.  Broussard is a scoundrel about to be hanged, but convinces Queen Victoria that he can find her a fortune in gold in San Francisco.  The teaser ends with Broussard about to set sail, in the custody of government agent Vanderbuilt Frederick.  Think White Collar plus Pirates of the Caribbean.  It's an interesting premise, and has potential to be a good read.  My initial feeling is that Foster Broussard can get into trouble if care isn't taken to ensure longterm story ideas.

Moon Girl
Tony Trov & Johnny Zito (writers)
The Rahzzah (art)
Gabe Bautista (letters)

A fight takes place in 1954 New York between two costumed women: Moon Girl and Satana, her former mentor.  They trade punches, as well as expository barbs that let us know they're Russian immigrants and that Moon Girl turned her back on her former mentor, Satana, as well as expectations that she would become some kind of queen.  This one didn't really interest me much.  Moon Girl doesn't get nearly as much mileage out of its seven pages as Foster Broussard, and it seems unlikely that I would take much interest in the series.