07 April 2011

How Soon Will You Go Bankrupt Under the New GOP Budget?

In answer to Mr. Eskow's question, I'm already there. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2005, with a year left of my bachelor's studies. Crohn's is a chronic digestive disease for which there is no cure, very few treatment options and on a good day it feels like food poisoning. No one knows what causes it, and it tends to manifest in young people who haven't even had a chance to build a life for themselves­. I only managed to finish my degree through the beneficenc­e of my professors­, who kindly overlooked the fact I often arrived late, left during class and many times was absent entirely. Employers? Not as accommodat­ing. I was, of course, uninsured at the time of diagnosis, meaning that coverage has been entirely outside the question for me. My plans of earning a master's degree and teaching were entirely derailed. I simply cannot guarantee that I can actually be somewhere at a given time, or at all.

So when we discuss government programs, it's not an abstract issue for me. I don't just see graphs about how costly entitlemen­t programs are. I see my own daily life, miserable enough already, and I see angry conservati­ves resenting me for needing those programs. You think it sucks that we have to fund these programs? Try having to live off them, and then being told you're what's wrong with America because of it.
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