13 December 2010

A Very Indy Early Winter

I really wanted to buy LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues last year, but the truth is I just didn't have the $50 to drop on a video game I knew would fall to $20 if I was just patient enough.  Lo and behold, a few months back it finally did and after trading in some things to Half Price Books I had the scratch to indulge my LEGO gaming urge.  If you've not played any of these games, you're missing out.  So far, they've adapted Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman (all new stories, there) and recently Harry Potter with Pirates of the Caribbean scheduled for a Spring 2011 release.  There's also a LEGO Rock Band, but obviously it's not designed with the same kind of gameplay as the rest of the LEGO series.

Anyway, I'd been gorging on the game starting in late November.  So far I've finished 100% of Raiders of the Lost Ark and all three sections of Crystal Skull, and almost all of Temple of Doom.  I wish they'd designed the game to allow characters from various stories to be played in freeplay mode as had been the custom, but the nice thing is that it encourages players to actually make use of a lot of these secondary characters.  Seriously, how important was German Officer to the average player?  Now, the guy brings something to the table because he's the only guy you've got with a rocket launcher.

The vehicle driving is terrible, but maybe that's just because I'm terrible at these kinds of things.  Otherwise, the game has been a lot of fun.  I can't say I'm terribly in love with the new Temple of Doom levels (the final boss is a lava monster controlled by Mola Ram), but the hubs are levels all to themselves.  It's an engrossing game, and one I really enjoy.  I hope to finish it by New Year's.

This sat on my shelf while I watched TV.
This weekend, USA Network inundated viewers with all four Indiana Jones movies.  We caught parts of Temple of Doom on different nights, and last night we stuck around for all of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  The latter was presented commercial free, so that was nice but it still crossed my mind that all four movies sit on a shelf right beside our couch on DVD.  In fact, we'd just watched Temple on DVD about a week ago.  It reminded me how absurd it is to watch a movie on TV when I own it, but there I sat watching Burn Notice promos every 20 minutes.  Maybe it was okay with me because I'm a big Burn Notice fan.

I do know I wasn't alone in this, because "Indiana Jones" was one of the top trending topics on Twitter off and on all weekend.  It was pretty cool looking over and seeing the name synonymous with "adventure" as a top topic these past few nights.

The coda to this Indy lovefest came early this morning. Kalee Maloney (yoga guru and wife of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Matt Maloney) tweeted, "Crack a smile today. You're so much more beautiful when you do." I couldn't resist, so I responded that I had found an exception to that advice:
Mola Ram is not, in fact, beautiful when he smiles.
Mrs. Maloney surprised me by responding, "hahahahahaha KA LI MA! KA LI MA!!!"  Her husband pitches for my favorite team and has an affinity for rock music on vinyl, and now she breaks out with a Mola Ram joke. These cats are cool, and I'd recommend you follow both of 'em.

After tweeting a link to this blogpost, Mrs. Maloney replied to let me know, "Matt & I keep cracking up about the Mola Ram picture and KA LI MA chanting... aaaaah hilarious! That smile IS hideous!"

Also, I dashed off a sketch of Indy hoisting Santa's gift bag over his shoulder.