30 December 2010

Advice from The Duke

If you complain about the weather,
John Wayne will knock you the hell out.
Once upon a time someone was on a late night talk show and shared an anecdote about John Wayne that has stayed with me all these years.  In all likelihood it was Late Show with David Letterman, though I have no idea who told the story.  Anyway, it was an outdoor shoot for one of the Duke's last movies (it may have even been The Shootist, his final feature) and the weather had conspired against them.  Some of the cast and crew were sitting idly, complaining about how it was such an ugly day.  Overhearing this was John Wayne, himself dying of cancer.  "Any day you get up is a beautiful day," he reprimanded them.

Like anyone else, I am prone to losing sight of this point.  I have been, to say the least, depressed of late even by my moody standards.  Remembering this little story hasn't magically restored my perspective or balanced my emotions, but some part of my brain felt it pertinent to recall and to share with you, dear reader.  May you find some value in it.