11 September 2010

Barkeep's Jukebox: "First Rodeo" by honeyhoney

Whiskey on the rocks!
Another Saturday, another entry in the "Barkeep's Jukebox" sub-series.  This week, I'm spotlighting honeyhoney's debut album, First Rodeo.  Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe are the two halves of this likable duo.

I recently asked them online what drinks they'd recommend for each song, and they responded:

"attach whiskey on the rocks to all of em… That should hit the spot.. ;)"

So, I figured that what I'd do is pick out a specific whiskey for each song.  Here goes!

"Black Crows" - "Some days are better than most," Suzanne intones.  Hopefully, you're chillin' with this album on one of the better days. Get it started with something familiar like Jim Beam (white label).

"Little Toy Gun" - The country vibe here calls for something like Southern Comfort...which is as much a double-entendre as the song itself.

"Sugarcane" - A relationship going bad calls for something a shade bittersweet.  I suggest Crown Royal, a Canadian whisky with a sweet flavor...but enough burn to say "goodbye."

"Not for Long" - "Maybe you're a light that won't turn on/but not for long" - We're trying to feel better now.  Pour yourself some George Dickel, a very smooth Tennessee sippin' whiskey.  Things are gonna be alright.

"Bouncing Ball" - Melancholy.  Listless.  Looking for some hope and guidance now.  Go up a shelf and pour some Old Forrester birthday edition.

"Come on Home" - An acoustic, bluesy cut imploring a lover to come home.  We know he won't.  Pour a Jim Beam (black label) and relish the vanilla and oak--they're the only reminders of home you're gonna have in your loneliness.

Give yourself to this.
Or Suzanne Santo.
"Give Yourself to Me" - An urgent, much-needed surrendering to lust.  Go with Maker's Mark.  There might be a wax play joke in here somewhere.

"David" - "It's alright, David, I'm fucked up again" the song begins.  This is vulnerability without self-consciousness.  The kind of honesty that comes from being done with all the game-playing and drama.  No party drink here.  Pour an Old Grand-Dad and just let yourself hate it.

"Slow Brains" - This one is almost a stream of consciousness.  I'd recommend Early Times.  It's kind of a loose, meandering bourbon ready to go wherever your slow brains want.

"Under the Willow Tree" - A song about how dreams and life aren't always on speaking terms.  This one's pretty morbid, actually.  Go to the top shelf and pour some Booker's.  It'll take the varnish off a tabletop; surely it's an appropriate fit here.

"Oh Mama" - We've already poured eight damn drinks this far into an album with a total run time of barely half an hour.  I don't know if it matters what you pour by now, but it occurs to me we've not had any Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 yet.  Now's as good a time as any.