12 June 2010

Cincinnati Reds Bobblehead Dolls

It's hard to believe, but this is the tenth year that Cincinnati Reds fans have been presented with Bobblehead Dolls as stadium giveaways ("SGA").  I thought this would be a good opportunity to 1) post a comprehensive list (since I love lists) and 2) get a sense of how the Reds have fared during these games.  Here we go.

05/26/01 Barry Larkin (W: 7-2 vs. St. Louis Cardinals)
06/15/01 Pete Harnisch (L: 4-8 vs. Colorado Rockies)
08/17/01 Danny Graves (L: 1-5 vs. Milwaukee Brewers)
05/31/02 Johnny Bench (L: 0-7 vs. Atlanta Braves)
06/14/02 Chris Sabo (W: 4-3 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates)
07/20/02 Eric Davis (L: 7-8 vs. New York Mets)
08/10/02 Adam Dunn (W: 9-0 vs. San Diego Padres)
05/24/03 Marty [Brennaman] & Joe [Nuxhall] (L: 4-5 vs. Florida Marlins)
07/19/03 Austin Kearns (L: 8-9 vs. Houston Astros)
08/01/03 Gapper (W: 5-3 vs. San Francisco Giants)
04/21/04 Joe Nuxhall “The Ol’ Lefthander” (L: 5-9 vs. Atlanta Braves)
06/30/04 Sean Casey “The Mayor” (W: 2-0 vs. New York Mets)
08/11/04 Joe Morgan (L: 1-11 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers)
05/24/05 Ken Griffey, Jr. (W: 4-3 vs. Washington Nationals)
06/08/05 Wily Mo Pena (W: 11-9 vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
08/03/05 Tony Perez (W: 8-5 vs. Atlanta Braves)
05/24/06 Felipe Lopez "Power of Tradition" Series 1 of 3 (L: 2-6 vs. Milwaukee Brewers)
06/28/06 Barry Larkin "Power of Tradition" Series 2 of 3 (W: 7-2 vs. Kansas City Royals)
08/09/06 Dave Concepcion "Power of Tradition" Series 3 of 3 (W: 8-7 vs. St. Louis Cardinals)
05/23/07 Bronson Arroyo (L: 7-12 vs. Washington Nationals)
06/13/07 Aaron Harang (L: 3-6 vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)
07/25/07 Frank Robinson (W: 7-3 vs. Milwaukee Brewers)
08/22/07 Marty and Thom Brennaman (W: 4-2 vs. Atlanta Braves)
05/17/08 Brandon Phillips "30/30" (W: 4-2 vs. Cleveland Indians)
07/26/08 Adam Dunn "80s Night" (L: 1-5 vs. Colorado Rockies)
09/16/08 Tom Browning "Mr. Perfect" 20th Anniversary of the Perfect Game (W: 7-2 vs. St. Louis Cardinals)
05/09/09 Joey Votto (W: 8-3 vs. St. Louis Cardinals)
07/04/09 Jay Bruce (W: 5-2 vs. St. Louis Cardinals)
07/18/09 Edinson Volquez (L: 1-5 vs. Milwaukee Brewers)
08/15/09 Brandon Phillips (L: 6-10 vs. Washington Nationals)
06/12/10 Scott Rolen

Collectors should also be aware that in 2002, fans who signed up for a MasterCard were given a Mr. Red bobblehead.  And on 23 September, a Pete Rose bobble was given away during a softball game.  The Reds can't actually market Rose per his expulsion, so this was a way of recognizing his contributions to Riverfront Stadium in its final year.

So, going into play tonight vs. the Kansas City Royals on Scott Rolen Bobblehead Night, the stats look like this:

16-14 overall
5-0 vs. St. Louis Cardinals
0-2 vs. Colorado Rockies
1-2 vs. Milwaukee Brewers
2-2 vs. Atlanta Braves
1-0 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
1-1 vs. New York Mets
1-0 vs. San Diego Padres
0-1 vs. Florida Marlins
0-1 vs. Houston Astros
1-0 vs. San Francisco Giants
0-1 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
1-2 vs. Washington Nationals
1-0 vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
1-0 vs. Kansas City Royals
0-1 vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
1-0 vs. Cleveland Indians

If I were in charge of the schedule, I would only give out Bobbleheads on nights that the St. Louis Cardinals come to town.