10 August 2009

"The Song" - Poem

Another poem? Really? 'Fraid so. I wrote this one en route to Our Deck Down Under in Daytona on vacation. I had the idea earlier in the day of using a song as a metaphor for a failed romance, and on the way to get some grub the lines practically wrote themselves. I revised several lines for the published version, but the general idea is still intact.

I know "real" poets wouldn't resort to such a pedestrian metaphor, and their compositions wouldn't rely on prose to the extent that I do. My response? Get over yourself. I simply had an idea that wasn't big enough to meet the demands of even a vignette, so I made it a poem. I have no delusions that I will engineer an overthrow of the poetry world, so feel free to continue ignoring my dalliances with your precious art form.

Click here to read for yourself.