06 May 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons...Become a Lemon Critic

Most of the Google Alerts I receive for "Crohn's" are about local area fundraisers and stock reports on pharmaceutical companies.  Every now and again, though, I find one that catches my interest, as does one from today.  Abigail is a ten year old Crohnie from Sacramento who has turned her dietary restrictions into the foundation for a career...as a food critic!  She maintains a blog here, and appears monthly on the local FOX News broadcast.  She says in her biography that she was inspired by watching Ratatouille during one of her many hospitalizations last year.  I personally found that encouraging, because my wife and I have used our Disney Movie Rewards points to donate 23 Disney DVD's to children's hospitals so far.  (You can read more about my support of that program here.)

Crohnies--especially recently diagnosed Crohnies--should not take her lacto-ovo-pesce-vegetarian diet as a Crohn's friendly eating guide.  There are no universally recognized dietary guidelines for Crohn's disease; what works for one may not work for another.  I, for instance, find dairy upsetting in large quantities and fear the scar tissue from fruits and vegetables struggling to force their way through my severely narrowed terminal ileum.

Still, while it is heartbreaking to read of any child burdened with medical issues, it is also warming to read of how this little girl has found something constructive in her misery.  Kudos to her, and I hope you'll follow the provided links to both her blog, and my report on Disney Movie Rewards's Hospital Care Program.