01 March 2009

Born to Be an Invincible Optimist

On a whim, spinning out of my analysis of the 2004 election and the relationship between the top grossing films and the general public as voters, I decided to find the Cinescope personality type for 1978's top grossing films.  Apparently, I was born in a year of the Invincible Optimist:
  1. Grease - Vivacious Romantic, Invincible Optimist, Loyal Warrior
  2. The Deer Hunter - Determined Survivor, Loyal Warrior, Destined Hunter
  3. Halloween - Destined Hunter
  4. Up in Smoke - Invincible Optimist
  5. Superman - Magical Creator, Chosen Adventurer
  6. Revenge of the Pink Panther - Courageous Detective, Invincible Optimist
  7. Midnight Express - Passionate Maverick, Determined Survivor
  8. Faces of Death - ?
  9. House Calls - ?
  10. Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Destined Hunter
Naturally, I find this amusing, because I've often been accused of being a pessimist.  I jokingly respond that "I'm Optimist Prime!"  Of course, it's worth noting I've only seen two of these ten films; I enjoyed Superman; Grease, not so much.