23 March 2009

25 Years of Turtle Power!

This year is, believe it or not, the silver anniversary of the Turtles's debut.  Mirage Comics, Playmates Toys, Lionsgate, Warner Bros. and Ubisoft are combining for a year-long Shell-abration.  In addition to new Turtles animated series episodes, comics and action figures, the following will all be labeled as part of the 25th Anniversary:

Turtle Power in Print
The Turtles first appeared in Mirage Comics's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 in 1984 (unless you count their appearance on the back cover of Gobbledygook #1 as their first appearance); a 25th anniversary reprint will be available 2 May...for free!  It's part of the annual Free Comic Book Day.  On 14 June, Mirage will issue the 540-page TMNT Collected Book, Volume One, reprinting the first eleven issues in their entirety.

Turtle Power to Play
Action figures were always a part of the Turtle experience, and Playmates Toys's original molds are being brought back this year!  In addition to the four Turtles themselves, April O'Neil, Splinter, Shredder, Foot Soldier, Rocksteady, Bebop, Slash and Casey Jones will be available soon.  Figures weren't the only toys, though, and they won't go it alone this year, either; you can also get your grubby little paws on the Party Wagon!  There will also be a separate line of figures based on the Turtles's original comic book appearances; this line will also include Splinter, Shredder and a Foot Soldier.  Gamers should look to the fall for the release of Ubisoft's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-Up.

Turtle Power to Watch
Lionsgate is up to the seventh season of its DVD release of the classic animated series.  Rather than one four-disc set, though, they've decided to release each disc separately...boxed with a replica of one of Playmates's original Turtles!  Disc 1 is packaged with Leonardo; 2 Michaelangelo; 3, Donatello; 4, Raphael.  Warner Bros. is also going to issue a boxed set of all four movies on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc in August.