19 June 2007

Crohn’s Stamp...One Day

Crohns & Me, a wonderful online resource for us Crohnies, has an article up in their current newsletter about Gideon Sofer. Sofer is a 22-year old Crohnie with a stamp-collecting habit who stopped and asked if the Post Office could issue breast cancer awareness stamps to raise funds for that cause, why it couldn't do the same for IBD. He's working now to demonstrate to the USPS Postmaster General that there is sufficient demand for such a stamp, and you and I can help him out. Click on the link below and add your picture to show your support for this effort. Kudos to Gideon for his work. I've thought myself that we needed a stamp, but I never took it past thinking about it and saying so to my wife; he's done the legwork and should be commended for doing so.