14 November 2004

Keith Urban - 14 November 2004

Gain Presents CMT On Tour: Keith Urban

Louisville Palace Theater, Louisville, KY
14 November 2004

Katrina Elam

I Want A Cowboy
Flowers By The Side Of The Road
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Strong Anything
Yodeling Song
No End In Sight

Keith Urban

These Are The Days
Days Go By
Better Life
Raining On Sunday
You’re My Better Half
Where The Blacktop Ends
Homespun Love
Your Everything
Making Memories
Jeans On
You’ll Think Of Me
She’s Gotta Be
You Look Good In My Shirt
Free Fallin’
Somebody Like You

Tonight I Wanna Cry
Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me
These Are The Days

I adore the Louisville Palace Theater.  It's a gorgeous venue, and very intimate.  Alison Krauss filmed her live concert DVD there.  Urban really wowed me with this concert.  First, he came out during Katrina Elam's set to play guitar on one of her songs, and he made a very big show of praising her to us throughout the night.  I've seen many a concert where the most acknowledgement an opening act received from the headliner was in a generic, "Did you like [insert name]?" call out, meant to get us to applaud while he or she took a moment between his or her own songs.  Urban seemed to really want Elam to be a hit with us.

During his own set, Urban chatted away with us between several songs.  He discussed the last time he had played Louisville, in 2002 at Coyote's Music and Dance Hall.  He recalled specific moments from the show and joked about the "seven" people who had been there.  I don't know if he has someone keep a journal of these anecdotes so he can reference them when he returns to a city, or if he genuinely is that attentive, but it showed a level of care that I'd not seen in any other performer.  Then he went walking into the crowd, singing and playing guitar during one song, which was kind of neat...until he went all the way up into the balcony, at which point it was crazy awesome!  It wasn't just a concert; it was an exhibition of showmanship, and I was thrilled to have attended.