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Early in 2012, I expressed to one of my friends my frustration at dating. How much easier would dating be, I proposed, if we had a system where women wrote letters of recommendation for their male friends! I'm absolutely shameless about promoting what I write, be it on this blog, for Flickchart or anything else, but I'm abysmal at promoting myself. I just can't do it. She took the idea and ran with it, composing the following very flattering - and humbling - endorsement of me:
"My friend Travis is one of the coolest people I know. I haven’t actually met him in person but for 3 years he’s been as close a friend as anyone could be that you communicate with via the internet only. We talk to each other on almost a daily basis in various support communities (he’s a Crohn’s patient like me), but also in other social settings. He’s very smart and funny. He genuinely cares more about other people’s well-being than his own. He is honest and always concerned about making a meaningful difference in a person’s life rather than just providing lip service. He’s an extremely astute observer of the human condition and a proponent of common sense. He sets almost impossibly high moral standards for himself but doesn’t expect the same from other people. All the same, he can be light-hearted and makes others laugh when they’re miserable. Talking to him is always a pleasure and you always feel better about yourself afterwards than you did going into the conversation."
Most of what you may wish to know about me can likely be found somewhere in this blog in one post or another, so I'll only add to my friend's lovely comments a few basic pieces of background information.
  • Bats: Right Throws: Right 
  • Born: 1 December 1978 in Louisville, KY 
  • Gender identity: Male / Sexual orientation: Heterosexual 
  • Education: I graduated from the University of Louisville in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, earned in the field of history. 
  • Political views: Moderate (though outspoken) liberal 
  • Religious views: Deist with a tremendous admiration for the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth 
  • Medical status: I have dealt with chronic depression since my youth. In 2005, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. 
If there's something you would like to know about me that hasn't been discussed in this blog, be sure to let me know! I'll be happy to answer any questions or explore any topic. You can put forth any such requests here in the comments section or you may contact me via email at TravisSMcClain@gmail.com.

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