Index of Sub-Series

In addition to my ongoing series spotlighting Depression and Playlists, I've run a handful of other sub-series in this blog.

Barkeep's Jukebox
This series matches a drink recommendation with each song on a given album.

Album Number Two - Joey + Rory
First Rodeo - honeyhoney
Has Been - William Shatner
In Pieces - Garth Brooks
The List - Rosanne Cash

In this series, I take the questions from a published interview and then answer them myself as though they were put to me.

Speaking for..Julianna Margulies
Speaking for...Russell Brand
2012 Presidential Debate #2

Legends of the Gipper
I may not agree with the majority of his policies, but Ronald Reagan was a goldmine for anecdotes. In this series, I collect and present some of my favorites.

"Late Reading"
"At Windsor Castle"
"The Long At-Bat"

I enjoy making playlists. Sometimes I post them with annotations of why I selected that theme, the songs in the playlist, and why I sequenced it the way I did.

My Playlist Making Philosophy

American Cash [Johnny Cash's American Recordings series]
Candy Girl by Diablo Cody [The songs that appear in her memoir.]
Childhood Years
Chris LeDoux at Capitol
Dwight Yoakam
Favorite Cuts of 2008 - found within the post 2008 in Entertainment
Favorite Cuts of 2011
George Strait, Phase One: 1981-1992
Middle School Years
Mr. Midnight [Garth Brooks songs set late at night.]
Sideways by Rex Pickett [The songs that appear in his novel.]
Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker
Waylon in the 90s

Things I Love
Self-explanatory. Inspired by Nikol Hasler.

100 Things I Love About Comic Books
100 Things I Love About Films
Church Marquees
Cookie Monster
Dogs in Cars

Reunion at the Bluegrass Inn

I've written my first novel! It began in 2011 as a NaNoWriMo experiment. It took nearly two years, but I finally self-published it 12 August 2013 through Lulu as a print-on-demand title. During the writing process, I used this blog as a way of keeping myself motivated and accountable for my progress. For those who may want to know more about the writing of this novel, I present to you the following posts:


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