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The Actor Spotlight
Philip Baker Hall
Val Kilmer C2E2 2012
Michael Clarke Duncan

Blogger Q&A's
Blogger Q&A: What Are Your Special Flickcharting Rules? [contributing flowchart maker]
Blogger Q&A: Our 5 Favorite Movie Props [contributing writer, original idea]

Criterion Commentaries
Summer Hours
In Which We Serve
Harlan County U.S.A.

Flickchart News
Flickchart Looks Back on the Best Ranked Summer Movies of 2011 [contributing writer]
Is Streaming the Way of the Future?
25 Million Rankings Determine Flickchart's Top 20 Films of 2013 [contributing writer]
Flickcharting at Wizard World Louisville
Flickcharting at Wizard World Louisville 2015

Flickcharting with The Avengers
Flickcharting with James Bond 50 Years of 007

From Book to Screen
Casino Royale 50 Years of 007
The Tailor of Panama
30 Years of Dark Horse Comics & Films

Guilty Pleasures
The Guilty Pleasures

Movie News
Is What You Like, Good? Anthony O. Scott, Samuel L. Jackson, & the Debate over Quality
Star Trek: The Next Generation on the Big Screen
One Night Only Streaming of Casablanca on Facebook
Skyfall Teaser Trailer and More!
Movie Deal: Buy Cereal, Get $12 in Free Movie Tickets
Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Best of Both Worlds" Coming to Theaters
C2E2: Interview with Vlad Yudin, Creator of Head Smash C2E2 2013

Movie Reviews
The Smurfs: A Flickcharter's Movie Review
Brave: A Flickcharter's Movie Review
Skyfall: A Flickcharter's Review 50 Years of 007
Delivery Man - A Flickcharter's Movie Review
Don't Pass Me By: A Flickcharter's Review
Alice Through the Looking Glass Review: You Can't Change It, but You Can Learn from It

Movies to See Before You Die
Doctor Zhivago
Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein
Dracula & Drácula

Posters of Prominence
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
GoldenEye 50 Years of 007
Skyfall Teaser Poster

Reel Rumbles
Night of the Living Dead vs. Night of the Living Dead
Thunderball vs. Never Say Never Again
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid vs. The Sting
Diamonds Are Forever vs. A View to a Kill 50 Years of 007
Jurassic Park vs. Schindler's List

Soundtracks of Significance
American Graffiti
The Living Daylights 50 Years of 007
Pure Country
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Record Store Day Black Friday 2015

Top Ten
The Top Ten Superman Movies of All-Time
The Top Ten Star Trek Movies of All-Time (with Nigel Druitt)
The Top Ten Pixar Movies (with Nigel Druitt)
The Top 10 Teen Movies of All-Time (with Jandy Hardesty and Nicholas Vargo)
The Top 10 Universal Monsters Movies
The Top 10 Horror Movies of the 1970's (collaborator, organizer)
The Top 10 Zombie Movies of All-Time (with Andy Nelson)
The Top 10 Baseball Movies of All-Time (with Derek Armstrong)
The Top Ten Films of 1925 (contributor)
The Top Ten Films of 1945 (contributor)
The Top Ten Films of 1965 (contributor)
The Top Ten Films of 2005 (contributor)
The Top 10 Films of 1995 (contributor)
The Top Ten Films of 1955 (contributor)

User Showcase
"FAIL" vs. "FTW"
First Impressions Are the Most Important
Cinematic Excursions: The Draw of Place & Setting In Film
The 21st Century Reboot
The Casablanca Chain Saw Massacre: Dealing with Underwhelming Greatness
On Behalf of Short Films
10 DVD Bonus Features You Don't Want to Miss
Parental Guidance Not Needed
Wait, That Was Based on a Comic Book?
What's Behind the Curtain?
13 Rules on How to Discuss Movies Online
Hold Your Applause: The Case For and Against Clapping in a Cinema
Yours, Mine and Ours: Our Emotional Ties to Films
"What's Left to Say?"
All Dressed Up with C2E2 to Go C2E2 2012
Yours, Mine and Ours: Emotional Custody of Films
2012 Holiday Gift Guide: What Would You Choose? (contributor)
Who Told You That Movie Sucked?

What to Watch on Netflix Watch Instantly
6 January 2011
10 February 2011 War Documentaries
24 February 2011 80s Comedies