Experiences with Depression

I have fought depression for years, and recently it got bad enough that I needed to be hospitalized for treatment.  In the hopes that someone out there might learn something of use from my experiences and insights, I have been documenting them in various blog posts.

"On Depression" - An overview of my early experiences with depression, and a baseline of how I perceive it.
"Confessions of a Therapy Patient" - My first post-hospital post about receiving treatment.
"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Depression" - No matter the outward behavior, the person you know is still inside.
"How to Form a Support Network" - Self-explanatory.  Basic template can be applied to any subject aside from depression.
"How to Be a Patient - Depression Edition" - Advice for those going into treatment.
"How Do I Help Someone Who Is Depressed?" - Basic info for outsiders and loved ones.
"I'm Depressed, You're Depressed" - Relating to someone else with depression.
"It's Okay to Have a Good Day" - How chronic illnesses can make one resent having a good day.
"On the Occasion of My 33rd Birthday" - Reflections on my first birthday that almost wasn't.
"What Hurts the Most" - How depression really works against us by twisting the good things in our lives.
"Being Happy Is Hard Work" - A look at why patience is necessary to fighting depression.
"Welcome to Therapy" - A recap of my first ever therapy session.
Playlist: Therapy - A playlist of songs I compiled going into therapy.
"Help My Friend, Mr. Bailey" - A look at how we can cause positive ripple effects for our loved ones.
"Side-Scrolling Cowardice" - In which I use Super Mario Bros. to try to give insight into what it's like to be suicidal.
"The Last Movie You Will Ever See" - How differently suicidal people react to the old hypothetical of picking the last movie they would ever watch.
"Permission to Cry" - Even though we're managing our emotions, we're still entitled to feel them.
"Depression Sexism" - Observations about how our gender identities can complicate managing depression. Also, I complain about billing.
"Our Lady of Peace Journal, 7-9 October 2011" - A transcription of the private journal I kept during my hospitalization.
"Depression: J.R. Ewing Edition" - A look at the famed TV character's mental health history in hopes of expanding our understanding of the role depression plays in how we function.
"The Storms of Life: A Survivor's Anniversary" - Reflections on the anniversary of when I came closest to ending my life and checked into Our Lady of Peace
"Depression and the Second Amendment: Should I Have a Gun?" - With increased attention paid to those of us with mental illness in the gun control debate, I chime in and ask questions as such a person.
"The Goodbye I Would Have Wished I Had Said" - Insights into my suicidal state of mind that I would have wanted my loved ones to have understood in the event I had succumbed to those urges.
"I Can't Whistle, Either" - On self-confidence and loving oneself, and my inability to do either.
"On Self-Care; or, How Can I Help You?" A look at my mixed success using self-care tactics.
"Gun Control Measures: An Open Letter" - My idea for a starting place of how to begin addressing the mass deaths attributable to suicide by gun.
"Finding Purpose and Value in Superman" - A reminder that sometimes we have more to work with than we realize.
"Rough and Rocky Travelin': An Important Anniversary" - Where I stood one year after entering outpatient treatment at The Brook.