28 May 2015

Look! A Poll! →

I should have thought to write this post sooner, but I didn't. If you look to the right of this very sentence, Dear Reader, you'll see a poll atop the sidebar. I'm looking for feedback about the kind of content that you want to read here. I lost my self-confidence about writing last year, and while I've yet to restore it, I've accepted that you can't get out of a slump sitting on the bench. The only way out is to get out there and just keep swinging until you hit your way out of it. (Also, my doctor all but formally ordered me to return to writing and despite what she may think from time to time, I really am a compliant patient!)

Polling ends in just a few days, but you don't have to have an account or sign into anything in order to vote. Just click the boxes that cover your interests and that's all there is to it. Easy peasy.

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