29 January 2015

Operation: Voldemort

The context for this is as convoluted as it is irrelevant, so I'm skipping it. The point is, that I recently have been prompted to consider relocating my most prized possessions so that I feel they are safe and secure. Mind you, none of these things have any monetary value. For instance, one of them is my Batman (1989) VHS tape. I think those go for around 1¢ on Amazon Marketplace. But it's a movie that holds special meaning to me, and that specific VHS tape was a birthday gift in 1989. Classmates (only one of whom I still consider a friend) had come over and we watched it together.

I reflected on this handful of belongings of mine that mean something to me, and I devised Operation: Voldemort. The idea is simple: each of these most prized items is treated like a horcrux, scattered for their safety, and entrusted to those in whom I have the utmost trust and respect. It has been difficult to let these things out of my sight, but more than that, I've found a certain peaceful reassurance in knowing that they will be protected at a time when my own life is entirely in a state of flux.

So here's my prompt for you, Dear Reader: I want you to think long and hard about what your horcruxes are, and with whom would you place them for safekeeping? It's not as easy as you'd think, I can tell you that much! But it has also been a reminder that I have more trusted friends than I have material items that I truly care about, and that in itself has been tremendously important to me of late. I've certainly had my fair share of bad luck, no doubt, but it's times like these that reinforce how fortunate I have been in surrounding myself with truly wonderful people.