17 February 2014

"The Movement" by Gail Simone Canceled

I'm greatly disappointed to learn that The Movement, has been canceled by DC Comics. Creator/writer Gail Simone broke the news today on her Tumblr. DC is going to allow the book to be published through its twelfth issue so at least it will have a proper finale instead of the next issue not seeing the light of day. Sales have apparently been too low for DC to continue justify supporting the book. It's one of just three comics I read each month (all three are on my holds list, something I never had until last year).

The temptation, of course, is always there to lash out at the bean counters who wield the hatchet. All things considered, honoring a twelve-issue commitment and issuing a collected edition is awfully good of DC Comics. Some fans will also be upset at their fellow readers for continuing to buy umpteen Bat- and X-books instead of taking a chance on The Movement. It does seem to be a systemic problem. The publishers put out all those comics starring the A-list characters, and fans buy them because they love the characters. But when they're finished buying all of that month's Batman or X-Men books, there's no room in their budget to try anything else. It's hard to tell a publisher to leave money on the table and not put out as many of those easy-to-sell books as possible, but I also have to wonder whether they've essentially tied their own hands by maxing out their readers' budgets.

I feel badly that I fell behind on reviewing it in this blog. I'm not influential enough that I think it would have made any difference, but it bothers me because next to actually buying the book each month, spreading word of mouth is the most important thing anyone can do to show support. In that, I failed The Movement. I've had a bit of a breakdown the last several months. Nothing catastrophic, mind you, but one key aspect is that I've lost my sense of belonging and purpose as a blogger. I feel like the world doesn't need me contributing to its white noise.

Going forward, I believe that The Movement has a future. It's already been added to the canon of the TV show, Arrow. The characters are interesting, as is the book's premise of marginalized super humans banding together not because they have powers, but because they're marginalized people. I adore Vengeance Moth and her fruit snacks. I think The Movement has potential to become one of the great cult comics. Perhaps once the trade paperback collected edition makes it available to casual readers, it will find its audience.

What matters right now is that these wonderful characters exist. They're out there now, and their initial story isn't finished being told.

I was going to use cover art from the book to illustrate this piece, but I've gotten such a kick out of Vengeance Moth's fruit snack offerings that I felt compelled to go with that motif instead. Art by Freddie Williams II from various issues. Scans not mine (they do link to the original sharers, though).

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