09 April 2013

Distant Voices

It's no secret, Dear Reader, that I've been down the last couple of weeks. A little while ago, I received the following comment from Anonymous on my last post, "It's Only a Paper Moon":
Ever since I found this blog last October, it's changed my life- I can't thank you enough.

I wish I could help you. The only item that I can think of, that I recently found, would be this Tumblr blog. Basically this blog gives depressed, struggling people hope. It might be a bit silly, but give it a try please. 
I was extremely humbled to read those kind words, and said so on Facebook. There, a former classmate of mine added that "Just because you don't see the difference you make, doesn't mean it isn't there!" Philosophically, of course, I know he's right but still - feedback is the only way that any of us ever knows that what we do is recognized. That's true of anyone who blogs, or just does the dishes at home. When I raised that point, he surprised me with this:
[U]sually though, to those something matters most to, it's almost an impossibility to give that feedback. Plagued with thoughts of what others will think, say, comment, not to mention what you the author might say. Not all writers are humbled by honest compliments. [H]owever, I'm glad you got to see that what you do matters. And for this one, there's probably 10 others who this means the same or more to, but are too scared to say it. If you change one persons [sic] life for the better, does that not give you a reason to keep on doing what you do?
I admit, I gave no thought to that whatsoever. I never thought that someone out there might be too self-conscious to comment on my blog. I promise: I don't bite! By all means, whatever is on your mind, Dear Reader, I invite you to share it. I do moderate comments, but only to the extent that I don't allow links to Japanese erection pharmaceuticals to show up. I don't edit anything legit, and it would mean the world to me to hear from you.


  1. That, and some people might just choose to stay Anonymous. (I am actually the person whom you are referring to above, I just decided to stop hiding).
    It's not only that people fear the reaction of the author, but the backlash of someone finding it on the internet. In this world of finding and attempting to hold onto jobs, of distrust of between partners and friends- people are tempted to try and track others presence on the internet. That's why many hide.

    1. I appreciate that you've left this comment. I can definitely understand the concern about privacy - especially in discussing such sensitive matters that we may be uncomfortable discussing with just anyone. I would only add that posting as Anonymous is an option at least here on my blog, and also on most blog sites with which I am familiar.

      At times, I myself have left some comments as Anonymous on a few different blogs of a sensitive nature - even blogs of pals of mine. In those instances, I always message them to let them know which Anonymous was me so that they know, but not the entire world. So, yeah, I definitely get the concern about being linked to specific topics online. It's shameful that in 2013 we still have to feel that way about things like depression and other mental health issues.