04 September 2012

Happy Anniversary, Dear Reader!

It's hard for me to believe, but today marks the fourth anniversary of this blog. You'll see posts dating back to 1998, but that content predates this blog. Concert playlists comprise the entirety of content from 1998 through 2006, and if I wasn't paranoid that someone might erroneously rewrite those entries on setlist.fm, I'd take down those playlists here. My 2007 content and the first 32 posts of 2008 were all originally published on MySpace (it's okay to laugh!). A few of my friends had already created Blogger blogs, and I decided to follow them here. My first actual post written for this blog was "Hurricane Sarah", a look at Sarah Palin, who had just been announced as John McCain's running mate in the 2008 presidential election.

I endeavored to be fair, thoughtful and objective in that piece. I've tried to be fair and thoughtful in every piece since, but somewhere along the way I quit bothering with objective. As I articulated in "My Blogging Philosophy":
My blog took on a new dynamic of also being a depository for my personal stories and recollections. It may sound silly, but this blog is more or less my personal legacy. It is what I will leave behind one day, and through this my family and friends will have a permanent record of anything chronicled here. Maybe they'll recall things differently than I do, of course, but at least they'll have my version there to even remind them and they can share their differing interpretations with others.
There have been some phases and stages to this blog since I launched it four years ago. I've become more conversational, more candid. I've taken on the subject of depression. I've used this blog as a means of trying to connect with readers from across the world, on myriad topics from Batgirl to class warfare. My page view stats indicate that more of you are finding your way here each month, and I hope it's not just to pilfer photos - though since the vast majority of photos I include are movie posters and publicity photos, I'm not going to pitch a fit about it.

I've come to really value having this blog. One of the most common complaints from bloggers I know is that blogging regularly is so tedious that they often don't even want to do it. I get that. I wrote but six posts in all of August, one of which was simply a rundown of Cinemark's Classic Movie Series fall lineup. Politics has declined as a frequent source of discussion here, and I'll be honest: I've shied away from politics since I was hospitalized for suicidal depression last October. One of the things that led me to that state of mind was that I was inundated daily by political rhetoric from Republicans - candidates, pundits and voters - that devalued me, even going so far as to applaud the notion of my death.

I continue to share my experiences with Crohn's disease and depression in part because I have come to believe that by doing so, I can be helpful to others. I'm not putting up kitten-video-on-YouTube numbers, but I've seen the figures and they tell me that many of you are finding and reading my depression pieces. I write to help you however I can. I need help, too, though, and I cannot fight hateful conservatives in a meaningful way here, on my own. I'll continue to respond to specific issues and incidents here, but by and large I find I enjoy blogging more when I feel I've written something constructive and positive than reactionary and angry.

To celebrate this fourth anniversary of the blog, I have created a scavenger hunt. You'll find the particulars in a tab at the top of the blog. The short version is, there are ten questions. The answers are all found in previous blog posts. You find the answers and leave a comment on the post that contains the answer. For the first five participants who complete the scavenger hunt, I will send you the .mp3 song of your choice from Amazon. (I'm sorry, but I don't think I can gift a song to international recipients at present.) Your comment can be anything from, "Hey, I found the answer to the scavenger hunt here!" to an actual response to the post you've found (that would be my preference).

So, happy anniversary, Dear Reader...and happy hunting!

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  1. 1) Star Trek V The Final Frontier
    2) Beth Dobson got married before the procedure.
    3) Metro Council Member: Robert Henderson
    4) Paul Revere Folk Legend by Henry Longfellow
    5) Favorite Comic Book Store- Great Escape
    6) Impostor Scale- 72
    7) 1 Thing Love About Films- Alan Rickman as Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood
    8) Cheesecake Tweet- Dawn Foster
    9) 53rd Grammy Predictions- Toy Story 3 Soundtrack
    10) Kiva Loan- Herbart Mwesigwa