22 July 2012

Ideas for the Next Batman Movie

Now that Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Trilogy" has concluded, and Warner Bros. have already announced their plans to reboot the franchise, the time has come to flood the Internet with ideas about what the next Batman movie ought to be. Here are my suggestions.

The Dark Knight Returns starring Adam West
In Adam West's Bat-memoir, Back to the Batcave, he wrote about how in the late 1980s when word broke that Tim Burton was going to direct a big screen Batman feature, he wanted to play an aged Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement as in Frank Miller's now-iconic story. In 1989, that wouldn't have worked, but here in the 21st Century the technology exists to make it happen.

A Riddling Crime Noir
Frank Gorshin's delightfully manic Riddler is the go-to incarnation, but there's potential for someone to do a really twisted story with The Riddler as a sort of "Jigsaw"-level psychopath. Batman is supposed to be the world's greatest detective. I say it's time to put him through his paces. The Riddler shouldn't be sadistic, necessarily, but his cleverness should frustrate Batman - and us.

Halloween in Gotham
Imagine a Jeepers Creepers-style Man-Bat terrorizing Gotham City! Or perhaps a vampire story, as in the Batman vs. Dracula: Red Rain series of graphic novels. Maybe a monster movie with Clayface or Killer Croc would be fun. This is an aspect of Batman storytelling no one has really tried to explore on the screen outside of animation.

Batgirl Returns
It's no secret I love me some Batgirl. I got a kick out of seeing her in Batman & Robin, but surely we deserve better than that one appearance.

Back to the Golden Age
There were two serials produced during the original era of Batman comics, but no other screen adventures have been set during that time. What happens when we take Batman out of contemporary settings and put him back in his original time period? Just imagine how striking he would be on screen in a frame with late 30s/early 40s aesthetics!


  1. Nigel Druitt7/22/2012 6:51 PM

    Definitely the Riddler was one of the biggest rumors when TDKR was first announced. Nolan's take on him could have been pretty interesting, but - without having seen TDKR yet - I'm glad they didn't take that route.

    Having recently read The Dark Knight Returns for the first time, that actually...sounds like a really weird idea.

    I'd love to see something really freaky with the "Halloween" villains you mention. What a neat idea.

  2. The problem with The Riddler is that he's a lot like the Romulans in Star Trek - so similar to other antagonists that writers have a hard time telling stories with him that don't just feel like watered down riffs on stories that should have been told with other, stronger characters. I see a strong Riddler story being a lot like Jack the Ripper: taunting the police at every turn, at least three steps ahead of them the whole time. He shouldn't be a menacing brute, necessarily, but he should also not be The Joker Lite.