07 July 2012

Enjoy Your Amazing Journey with Flat Tires

This has been making the rounds on Facebook and I've been sorely tempted to respond each time it's appeared in my news feed. Each time you do that, though, you risk a war with all the people your Facebook friend knows that you don't, and no good ever comes from that. Here on my blog, though, I'm more comfortable if for no other reason than you came here, Dear Reader. Even if we disagree, at least it's all in one place instead of me hashing it out in seven different threads concurrently.

Here's my problem with Bob Moawad: He's entirely wrong.

Bob, I'm going to deflate the tires on your car on the day you have an important appointment to keep. Now, I'm not going to apologize to you for it so don't expect one. Don't bother trying to make excuses for your absence by explaining what I did. It's your life, remember, not mine or theirs. Don't ask your neighbor for a lift, because you shouldn't be leaning or relying on them. And, of course, don't blame me for what I did. It's your amazing journey.

This self-reliance concept is bunk. Partly, it's self-congratulatory nonsense denying credit to all those who helped you get wherever you are. Partly, it's selfish justification for refusing to help anyone else. Maybe Bob there would actually be indifferent about me sabotaging him, but I doubt it. He'd want to see me punished, he'd want the people he was supposed to meet to understand that it wasn't his fault he didn't make it, he'd expect to be able to reschedule the appointment and he'd probably be pretty upset if he knew his neighbors could have taken him where he needed to be, but just didn't want to take him. He'd probably even start trying to think of any favor he ever did for his neighbors that might constitute an obligation on their part - but, of course, he'd come up empty handed because he's never been there for anyone else.

Bob Moawad, you're entirely what's wrong with the world.

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