02 July 2012

2012 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Hallmark has already released their 2012 Keepsake Dreambook and I have to say I was overwhelmed by its 80 pages. Eschewing the "collect 'em all!" approach because, frankly, that's so impractical it may as well be entirely impossible, I've collected here a baker's dozen of ornaments that really caught my eye. There are no Star Trek or Star Wars ornaments in my picks this year. There's one of Darth Vader trimmed for Christmas that was almost my bonus pick, but at the last minute I decided I was more interested in something newer.

Catty Christmas

There are numerous cat-centric ornaments this year, but I've picked out a triumvirate that really speak to my taste.
Sculpted by Cullen Brown * $17.95 * July

It plays a clip from the song, "The Circle of Life." If it actually opens with Lelo M.'s famous yelling, then I'm even more interested. Cullen Brown nailed this one. I love the look on Simba's face!

$14.95 * July

There is a Batman ornament based on The Dark Knight Rises also, but Catwoman is represented instead by this ornament based on Adam Hughes's comic book artwork. This is one of the best looking superhero ornaments Hallmark has done yet, and I really hope this means there's potential for more comic book-specific ornies in the future. Oh, how I would love a New 52 Batgirl!

Hallmark will also be offering a very limited Batman ornament based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns at San Diego Comic Con this year. It looks terrific, but since I don't stand a chance of ever owning one, I'm kind of irked about it. Whatever, Hallmark. Just don't pull these shenanigans come Batgirl time.

$14.95 * July

I have wanted this ornament since 1986.

My Childhood on a Tree

There are several ornaments based on TV & movie characters from the 80s, when I was a boy. These are my picks.

Sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers * $17.95 * July

I grew up watching Scooby cartoons. I have plenty of vivid memories of the show, enough that at some point I think I'm going to just have to blog about it. I will say this to Hallmark: this year is not a good time to try to hit me up for $18 for a Scooby-Doo ornament, but if you were to make an ornament next year of Sandy Duncan as she appeared in Scooby cartoons, then you can name your price and I will pay it. I've admitted before: one of my first crushes was Cartoon Sandy Duncan. There's a second Scooby ornament that's only $12.95 featuring Scooby by himself wearing a Santa cap, but it's only 2" wide. I just can't do that.

My other first crush was Daisy Duke, and I have to say that The Dukes of Hazzard should be mined for ornaments. I want one of Daisy's shorts, just like they've done with Dorothy's ruby slippers.

Sculpted by Cullen Brown * $14.95 * July

Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius, was always my favorite Looney Tunes character. I admired that he kept his eye on the prize at all times, and also that he was willing to think outside the box to try to achieve his goal. I'd still like to see him file the mother of all lawsuits against the Acme Corporation.

Sculpted by Ken Crow * $19.95 * July

They did Beaker last year and I missed him. Fozzie would have been my second choice, though I think my personal favorite Muppet might actually be Pepe the Prawn.

Sculpted by Cullen Brown * $17.95 * July

I can see Slimer and ECTO-1 being decent ornaments, but somehow I don't think either would top this to represent Ghostbusters on a Christmas tree. Naturally, it plays Ray Parker, Jr.'s theme song.

Sculpted by Kristina Gaughran * $17.95 * October

Okay, I confess: I'd have rather seen an ornament based upon the iconic "cycling past the moon" shot, but Kristina Gaughran did a great job capturing not just the look of E.T., but his personality as well. E.T. is $18 because he lights up if you plug him in.

Makes Me Think of Others
It's All About the Hair, Tangled
Sculpted by Katrina Bricker * $14.95 * July

One of my dear friends loves this movie. I hope she gets this ornament and it makes her smile. I like it when she smiles.

OUTATIME, Back to the Future
$17.95 * October

This could also have gone in My Childhood on a Tree, but the truth is I wasn't into Back to the Future until one of my friends got me into the trilogy in 1991. I think of those movies more as his than as mine.

Sculpted by Tracy Larsen * $14.95 * July

I've only seen parts of Caddyshack and I've only played golf a couple times, but one of my friends and his dad have played golf for ages and they both enjoy the movie. There's also A Christmas Story ornament that would suit the two of them, but this seems even more interesting to me. Partly, I'm sure, that's because I absolutely despise A Christmas Story and partly it's because we've seen merchandise based on that movie for years now. When was the last time you saw a Caddyshack ornament?

Sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers * $12.95 * July

One of my Crohnie friends always seemed Eeyore-ish to me based on her posts. Then one day several months ago we experimented with Facebook's new video chat and I discovered she's actually full of enthusiasm and vigor. My associating her with Eeyore has become a running joke. I am certain that should she see this post, she began laughing the moment she saw this picture and she knew it was about her.

Bonus Pick

Sculpted by Joanne Eschrich * $14.95 * July

Okay, I was mixed about the movie but I thoroughly loved Merida as a character and this ornament by Joanne Eschrich looks great. 

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