11 June 2012

Louisville Palace Summer Movie Series 2012

The Louisville Palace Summer Movie Series schedule has been released, though it isn't presently posted on the official website. This came to me in a Live Nation email. It seems the days of encore screenings are truly a thing of the past; this year, each movie will be screened only once. All shows begin at 8:00 PM. Tickets are "less than $6" per the email I received. They were $5.00 last year, so only a modest increase.

The Louisville Palace Summer Movie Series
The Directors Series: Hollywood's Golden Age

13 July It Happened One Night
14 July Modern Times
20 July Bringing Up Baby
21 July Citizen Kane
28 July North by Northwest
3 August The Maltese Falcon
4 August Casablanca
10 August All About Eve
11 August A Place in the Sun
17 August Roman Holiday
18 August On the Waterfront
24 August A Star Is Born
25 August Some Like It Hot
31 August To Kill a Mockingbird

I'm greatly disappointed by this list, to be honest. I would love to have had another crack at some David Lean, especially with this being the 50th anniversary of Lawrence of Arabia. Perhaps next year? I would have been excited about Casablanca, except I attended the special 70th anniversary event screening in March. If anyone I know wants to go see it, I'm game for catching it a second time this year but otherwise, I think I'll pass.

Several of these movies are on my personal To See list and have been for some time, but I would be lying if I said I was enthusiastic about catching any of them. I'll defer to my friends. If any of them want to go, I'm in for whatever they want to see (depending, of course, on my health as is always the case).

Note: Two of these will screen as part of Cinemark's Classic Series: Citizen Kane (13 June) and North by Northwest (18 July). The Palace is unquestionably the superior venue and the tickets will be half the price of Cinemark's special event pricing, but for those who can't make these dates, I thought I'd mention it as an alternative.

There will be no movie on Friday, 27 July, because Barry Manilow will be performing in concert. Tickets for that show run from $49.99 to a staggering $199.99! I've been to the Palace. It is by far my favorite venue and I have never been anywhere that is its peer. I can say without fear of contradiction that unless there's a special experience attached to the upper price tickets, there will be no discernible difference in quality of experience from one price range to the next. Now, if he lets the $200 seats name the set list for the night, or gives them piggyback rides through the lobby, that's different. But I have sat just a few rows back in the orchestra pit and I have sat in the very last row of the balcony and I cannot comprehend there being $150 difference between any two seats in the Palace!

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