05 May 2012


Today, incidentally, is the early May Trifecta. The first Saturday in May is always the Kentucky Derby as well as Free Comic Book Day, and this year it also falls on Cinco de Mayo. Clearly, there's only one thing to do: Go to The Great Escape for some free comics and then flake out at a Derby party knocking back margaritas the rest of the day. I'm wiped out from a rough last couple of days of not sleeping, though, so I won't be doing any of that, but you should!

Speaking of Free Comic Book Day; I already posted a list of this year's free issues, but Ty Templeton created a really nice primer cartoon for those of you who might be going to your first FCBD. Take a moment and enjoy "Free Bun Toons! YAY!" and then go ahead and explore Art Land. It's one of the few blogs I've kept reading since I discovered it. (I admit: I'm a fickle blog reader.)

We had some pretty bodacious storms last night and this morning, but I was so exhausted I slept through most of them. I woke up around 5:30 this morning, though, and decided to finally tackle a sketch idea I've had for months: The Breaking of the Batman from Batman #497, but redressed as Bane and Batman will appear in The Dark Knight Rises. It took me about an hour, using promotional images for some DC Collectibles statues for reference. I'm pretty happy with how Bane turned out, and all things considered, I'm content with Batman. That arm gave me fits and I'm still not in love with it. I've never drawn the Christian Bale Batman before, so I thought it turned out okay given the awkwardness of that pose.

The Breaking of the Dark Knight by ~minlshaw on deviantART

I've also done quite a lot of writing in the last week, though much of it hasn't been for this blog. I've penned a few blog posts for Flickchart, most of which are already live. I'd appreciate if you would take a moment and look at these, and if you thought to share them or comment on them, that wouldn't hurt my feelings. (Unless, of course, you wrote hurtful comments.)

Soundtracks of Significance: Pure Country

Okay, this one went live a week ago and I actually wrote it a couple of weeks ago, but I still want to draw attention to it because I'm shameless like that. Believe it or not, but this year marks the 20th anniversary of George Strait's feature film debut (excluding, of course, a bit part he and his band had in 1982's The Soldier). In this piece, I take a look at the soundtrack album.

Flickcharting with The Avengers

I use The Avengers to help illustrate some of the different things you can do with Flickchart. If you've been curious about Flickchart but haven't explored the site yet, this primer is for you!

Is What You Like, Good? Anthony O. Scott, Samuel L. Jackson & the Debate over Quality

My take on the recent Twitter feud between film critic Anthony O. Scott and actor Samuel L. Jackson.

In addition to those posts (and a couple yet to be published), I participated in a Facebook conversation with a fellow Flickcharter about a peculiar topic that came up during dinner with her boyfriend: "What would it be like if your mouth could reverse time?" Whatever you put in your mouth would go through a sort of Benjamin Button effect, basically. It was just the kind of bizarre absurdity that I dig, and she archived that conversation in a blog post of hers yesterday. This is her personal blog, which I find engaging and very accessible and I encourage you to look around there. I know not all of my readers are very big on Christianity, which is a strong theme of Hannah's, but I would hope you're enough of a grownup to set aside your ambivalence toward religion because she's got some terrific stories and some very thoughtful perspectives on her faith. She also maintains Hannah and Her Movies, a sort of diary of the movies she watches. She's spoiler-free (or, at least, very spoiler-light) and extremely concise.

The big news, though, is something I wasn't sure about sharing yet but...

ForCrohns.org is compiling writings from a very diverse cross-section of people with the purpose of publishing a book that will take a very holistic view of what life with Crohn's really is. Topics will range from diet, medication and surgery to impact on work, school, dating and everything else. This call for submissions came to my attention via a fellow Crohnie on Twitter, and while I don't want to either brag or jinx myself, I've currently got two pieces before the committee! It'll be a while yet before I know whether either of them makes the final cut, of course, and it's entirely possible neither will, but it's exciting all the same just to be in the mix!


  1. Congrats on the possible book thing! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Also, thanks for plugging my blog! It's always encouraging to know people are reading and enjoying it.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Hannah! I have very high hopes for this book. I really like their concept, of collecting so many various perspectives and I'm thrilled to possibly be one of those perspectives. Being the shameless self-promoter I am, you'll hear all about if I make the final cut!

      Speaking of promoting, I'm happy to plug any well written blog and I dig both of yours. This is why I keep hounding you to contribute to the Flickchart blog! :)