03 May 2012

"Dog"ging George Strait

A fairly popular Twitter game involves substituting a given word into song or movie titles. This is not original, mind you; we've been doing it for ages. About a decade ago, I got onto a kick of substituting the word "dog" into titles of George Strait songs. It works surprisingly well. Here are my Top 20 favorites:

20. "A Dog I Can't Put Out" ("Fire")
19. "I Saw Dog Today" ("God")
18. "I Met a Dog of Yours Today" ("Friend")
17. "That's Where I Wanna Take Our Dog" ("Love")
16. "Carrying Your Dog with Me" ("Love")
15. "Famous Last Words of a Dog" ("Fool")
14. "It Ain't Cool to Be Crazy About Dog" ("You")
13. "Which Side of the Dog" ("Glass")
12. "I've Come to Expect It from Dog" ("You")
11. "Gone as a Dog Can Get" ("Girl")
10. "So Much Like My Dog" ("Dad")
9. "She'll Leave You with a Dog" ("Smile")
8. "I'd Like to Have That Dog Back" ("One")
7. "You Can't Make a Dog Love Somebody" ("Heart")
6. "She Knows When You're on My Dog" ("Mind")
5. "What's Going On in Your Dog" ("World")
4. "Stay Out of My Dog" ("Heart")
3. "Don't Tell Me You're Not in Dog" ("Love")
2. "Why Can't I Leave Dog Alone" ("Her")
1. "We Really Shouldn't Be Doing Dog" ("This")

The best part is that for most of these, if you carry this through to singing along with the songs, they become better. For instance:

"Stay out of my dog/take my advice/it's easy to break the same dog twice/Let's stop the hurt before it starts/Don't follow me/stay out of my dog"

Granted, "starts" and "dog" don't rhyme. But by then, does it really matter? Thought not.

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