31 May 2012

Blog Milestone: 10,000 Page Views in May!

Blogger statistics are kind of confusing, but earlier today I signed in and I saw the following:

The table on the top right shows 9,698 page views during the last month, but the chart clearly shows 10,029 and that's good enough for me and Bobby McGee.

Admittedly, many of you who found my blog in the month of May were probably searching for pics to swipe for your own blogs or you came here in hopes of finding pirated material. You're welcome to the former, and I won't offer the latter. Here's a look at May's stats:

I confess, I'm pretty surprised that The Sopranos Season Six, Part II was the month's most viewed post since I wrote that back in October and it's been pretty dormant since then. I suppose someone out there has gone on a Sopranos kick? I'm less surprised that "Batman Returns & Rises: Comics Then & Now" was second, since anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises is starting to really escalate.

I'm very pleased, though, that the remainder of the Top 5 are more of my personal posts. "It's Not Me, It's Me" is an admittedly imperfect and bitter post on the frustrations I've had with relationships. "My Hate/Hate Relationship with Crohn's" is exactly that, and it's the first time I've told the complete story of my experiences with Crohn's to date. Lastly, "How to Be a Patient - Depression Edition" is part of my series on depression and while I'm sad that it's finding an audience, I'm also hopeful this means someone out there might find something helpful in what I've written. I'm also gratified that my second-most viewed blog post overall to date is "On Depression." That's the whole point of that series.

Anyway, I just want to thank you for reading and to again invite you to comment on any post that you find interesting. Come for the pics, stay for the discourse!

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