17 April 2012

Still Winning

You may remember, Dear Reader, that I had a nice run of luck ("Winning") at the end of February. I didn't really follow up on that at the time, but I feel now is a nice time to reflect on some things that have gone my way recently. I vented so often throughout my Year of Hell about depression that I feel it's important for those who find their way to my blog to see that it did get better for me. If you learn just one thing about depression from this blog, let it be that.

One of the little things from the end of February that I enjoyed was finding the right combination of coupon and sale price on a bag of World's Best Cat Litter at Target that dropped the $8.99 bag down to $5.99. There was a mail-in rebate (still active!) so I'd get my $5.99 back. Well, my rebate check came this past week...in the amount of $7.99! I actually made $2.00! "You're excited about two dollars? Really?" you're scoffing. It's not so much that the amount of money involved is important so much as the fact that my already great deal managed to actually get better.

Then there was the NCAA Final Four. I filled out my first ever bracket this year, with dual objectives in mind. The first was to score free parmesan bites from Dominos Pizza. The second was to compete with President Barack Obama. I am pleased to report that I succeeded in both quests. I snagged my parmesan bites and enjoyed them for lunch one afternoon. They were tasty and filling and didn't seem to particularly faze my finicky guts so I count that as one big win.
I duplicated my selections against Domino's and the President.
The big win, though, is that I met someone. I'm still pretty protective of other people in this blog so I won't be elaborating but I am comfortable saying that we met through a mutual friend at February's screening of The Man with the Golden Gun and that it has been very comfortable for both of us so far. She makes me feel good about myself, and she's supportive of my writing which is quite convenient since I'm really trying to work on that.

Side note: She messaged me on Facebook a few days after the movie and made mention of liking this blog. It wasn't until several hours later that I realized...that meant she read my blog! Not just that she was aware of it and had looked at it, but because of how candid I am, that this meant she either knew, or knew where to find, all kinds of things about me! It was the first time I had reason to reflect on just how disadvantaged I can be at times as a consequence of being so publicly open about myself.

Note: This blog post was supposed to go live sooner than it did. I got sidetracked the night I wrote it and forgot to come back and actually publish it.


  1. Glad to hear things are looking up for you, Travis. Let the good times roll!

    1. Thanks, Emil! Things are certainly better than they were this time a year ago, or even seven months ago. I can dig it!