30 April 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012: The Comics

It's that time again! For the twelfth consecutive year, Free Comic Book Day insists on being scheduled the same day as the Kentucky Derby so if you live in the Louisville area as I do, you know when and where you'll want to go - and when to just stay away. For the rest of you who don't live in an area the rest of the world ignores, however, this is kind of an exciting assortment of free issues being offered.

One thing I noticed is the prevalence of issues based on licensed content from TV shows and movies. That's nothing new, and I've shared in the past that it was that kind of stuff that I first read. Still, I would really like to see some publishers at least make a flip book out of one licensed property with one original, rather than pairing up two licensed stories.

Remember, each comic book shop has its own rules about distribution. You may only be allowed X number of issues total, and of course there's no guarantee that there will be any copies on hand of whatever it is you've gone for by the time you get there. I've bolded the issues that are on my personal wish list, so if you happen to be going to a comic book shop Saturday and you think of me, I won't complain if you snag me those books.

2012 Gold Books
The Avengers: Age of Ultron Point One
Bongo Free-for-All/SpongeBob Freestyle
DC Comics The New 52!
Image 20 I can't believe Image Comics is 20 years old now!
Mega Man
Mouse Guard: Labyrinth and Other Stories A 48 page hardcover, y'all.
Peanuts/Adventure Time Flip Book
Star Wars: Serenity I think there's been a Star Wars comic every year so far.
Transformers #80.5 A continuation from the old Marvel Comics series!
Yo Gabba Gabba!

2012 Silver Books
2000 AD
Animal Planet The World's Most Dangerous Animals
Atomic Robo and Friends
Bad Medicine
Barnaby and Mr O'Malley
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - The Guild
Burt Ward: Boy Wonder
The Censored Howard Cruse
DC Nation/Superman Family Adventures Flip Book
Dinosaurs vs. Aliens
Donald Duck Family Comics
Finding Gossamyr: Stuff of Legend
Graphic Elvis
The Hypernaturals
The Incredible Rockhead/Zinc Alloy
The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel
The Intrinsic
Jurassic StrikeForce 5
Lady Death: The Beginning
Moomin Valley Turns Jungle
My Favorite Martian
Overstreet's Comic Book Marketplace - The Greatest Horror Comics of All Time!
The Smurfs also includes Disney Fairies featuring Tinker Bell
Sonic the Hedgehog
Spider-Man: Season One
Top Shelf Kidsclub
Valiant 2012 featuring X-O Manowar
Voltron Force: Shelter from the Storm
Witchblade: Unbalanced Pieces
Worlds of Aspen
Zombie Kid


  1. Free comic book day, Kentucky Derby, and Cinco de Mayo... that could turn into a long day. I am going to have to get to the shop at the crack of dawn to snag that mouse guard.

    Enjoyed checking out your blog.

    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah, between the Derby and Cinco de Mayo, I'm thinking my plan is to try to dash out for FCBD in the morning and then just hole up at home while the party goers run roughshod over everywhere. A Crohnie like me lives in fear of heavy traffic and large crowds! That Mouse Guard sounds extraordinary. With my luck, I'll snag the last one but then find a crestfallen child who really wanted it and I'll be guilted into handing it over.