28 March 2012

To Kill or Not to Kill

To somehow substantiate George Zimmerman's insistence that Trayvon Martin was some kind of menace to society, much has been made lately of the fact that Martin was suspended from school for being in possession of an empty bag of marijuana. Aha! Say the pro-Zimmerman crowd. The kid was nothin' but trouble!


Lemme tell you something: I don't give a damn if Zimmerman walked up on Martin holding a kilo of pot. It's not his place to approach him in that situation, or any other. And unless something has changed, we don't summarily execute anyone in this country and we certainly don't do it for something that otherwise benign.

One thing that strikes me is that Geraldo Rivera has demonstrated that quite a lot of conservatives side with Zimmerman's views, if not the actual shooting. What I find curious about this is that when President Obama authorized a drone attack on Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born member of al Qaeda, last Fall, there was furor over that action. It was all "habeus corpus" this and "due process" that...over a guy who had renounced his American citizenship and sworn to kill as many of us as he could. Trayvon Martin bought some Skittles, but the same people who were outraged in October are shrugging now. "Dude shouldn't have worn that hoodie."

It makes my brain hurt just trying to account for that kind of compartmentalization.

For the record, I was fine with killing al-Awlaki 'cause he was pretty clear about being our sworn enemy and whatnot. I'd have been fine with it if that strike had been authorized by President Bush. I am not fine with George Zimmerman not even being charged by the Sanford Police Department after taking it upon himself to shoot Trayvon Martin for...what? Being "suspicious?"

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