24 March 2012


I came across MiMedia via a Swagbucks promotion. I figured at the very least, I'd get 35 Swagbucks out of it. It's entirely free; they don't ask for a credit card or anything like that. Just an email address gets you 7GB of cloud storage for your digital content. I'm not likely to use much of it, but hey--it's free. You can also buy additional storage if you're so inclined. I get some kind of bonus if you sign up using this link so, like, check it out or whatevs.

I'm inviting you to try MiMedia: Secure and Enjoy Your Digital Life with MiMedia. Get 7 GB Free or save 10% on a premium annual plan when you sign up with promo code FRIEND10. Sign up at http://www.mimedia.com!

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