13 March 2012

2012 NCAA Tournament

Er, wha'? Am I actually blogging about basketball? I am. I am, after all, a native Kentuckian and by law I am required to discuss basketball at least once every three years. I have never tried to fill out a bracket, but today I was challenged twice; once by President Barack Obama and once by Domino's. Now, I was content to let Mr. Obama's challenge pass. After all, he knows more than I do about basketball so there's very little chance of me getting any bragging rights on him. But then came Domino's, and they dangled an order of Parmesan Bites and Coke Zero. I'm not one to resist a crack at free grub, so I decided it was high time I filled out an NCAA bracket.
Obama Bracket Challenge | Obama Women's Bracket Challenge
Domino's Pizza |> NCAA March Madness
For those who care, here are my picks. Most of them were driven by pure recognition. I heard Tina Fey in my mind saying things like, "That's a place, isn't it?" Like, if I hear the name "Purdue," I think of basketball. Purdue does not exist in any other context in the entire world. Mind you, I have absolutely no idea how good they are, or even where the hell Purdue is. But I know I've heard Purdue mentioned in conversations about basketball, ergo they exist and St. Mary's does not, which is why I picked the #10 team over the #7 in Round 1. I realize this is the basketball equivalent of betting on a horse because of its name and you, Dear Reader, may think I'm all that is wrong with March Madness. You may be right. I'm not here to threaten the purity of your tournament, though. I'm just in it to get free grub and have something to discuss on the campaign trail.

It's a cut and paste job and I had to piece it together from, like, four different screen captures so it's not quite perfect but these are my selections.

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